They were waiting…
Waiting for my arrival
On this beautiful planet earth

In the womb of mother
I heard them
Talking about celebration

I felt the touch of mother
I heard her songs for me
I felt the warmth of clothe
She knitted for me
I too was waiting to see her

But now I hear…
I hear them wrangling
Discussing something filthy
They have come to make out
I’m of the gender of my mother
They are displeased to this
And now…

They are waiting…
Waiting for me to arrive
The womb is getting flooded
By the tears of my mother
Which she could not express to them
I was now waiting…
Waiting for uncertainty…

Why didn’t they slay my mother?
She was too of my gender
Perhaps because she is a useful creature to them

all of a sudden
Something pierced the womb
Scattered me into pieces
Of blood and flesh

They could not wait
Even for my arrival
Only the mother feels
I could not arrive.

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Monday, March 28, 2011 - 19:06

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