Herding A Migrating Mob of Lemmings

Maltese Marshal Mastiff,  the housebroken lapdog
news hound huckster of corporate overlords
and other autocratic aristocratic anti-social infidels
(the pack rat bankers and stock market pawn brokers);
incites blitzkrieg brawls with his ornate drool,
a hobnob con job that passes for truth and news.

His disciples of despair imbibe an iodine wine
not found on any Napa Valley vine,
that fuels a goon platoon collection of cone head crackers
who yearn to return to a good old utopian time
that never existed and who espouse
pipedream policies proven never to succeed.

And yet, they float through life cradled
in an amniotic sac of illusion filled
with a delusion of grandeur,
swayed by tales of triumph, tragedy and trauma,
a conflagration of a wild infatuation with lies,
an inferno of intense emotion of devotion to innuendo
and a raging fire of unbridled desire to believe
in a facetious fodder of false hoods
culminating in a rush of reptilian blood lust.

This propaganda of smears is spread
by the spiracle spaded spears of sharp shadowy phobias,
a maniacal mistrust of government combined with a fear
and loathing of intellectual Elysian elitism,
wildcard body scans, alleged alleyway assassins,
East River airheads and toe hoed turbaned terrorists.

They believe America teeters on the edge of the abyss.
And since they profess to be true blue patriots,
the wanton watchdogs of the delirious divine right,
if you do not agree with their pseudo politics and philosophy,
you are considered to be un-American
and referred to as one of  "(expletive deleted) them."

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 12:34

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