Liberty and Justice and All That Goes

insane i call it insane

i call it pure madness
like when a rabid dog's
saliva drools

billowing on my mind
are thoughts
i am an activist
trapped in a speechless
world ; a mute land

what's lunatic about it
is that i have to
let it all out
the words get
trapped in air bubbles

i am a voice
crying in the wilderness
like a bird i sing
my heart out

i am the searching
light of mankind
always detecting
the world around us

what is needed is
a Reconstruction
time has aged
the old one
it no longer works

change is not enough
getting down to the real
nitty gritty of things
is the need

nothing has changed
there is no freedom
no equality
i am a victim of persecution
and so are you

the icing on the cake
has buried it

i'm sick and tired
of the war drama
who wants to take
over this country
or that country

Shut up i'm still talking!

i wish Thaddeus Stevens
was here, he had a voice
he didn't give a shit
what people said, but
made things right

God bless America
land that i love

America America God
shed His grace on thee

for the land and of the free
come on people sing your heart out!

OMG, what do the words
from these three mean
or do we sing them as
a tradition without
the honor or a cause

at times i am speechless
lost for words
no urge to write

but i listen
until i explode
like a time bomb

heartfelt love
heartfelt love
heartfelt love
for my fellowman

and you politicians can
Talk To The Hand!

By: Vanessa Ramos aka. vanesitapoet

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 14:38

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