Nobody knows What I suffered ...

Original letter in Portuguese by brazilian singer Djavan

Translation in English by Jamila Mafra

That day dawned
There's passion on the high seas,
You could see the collapse time,
Where are you?
What solitude!
Forgotten me?

From what
There is on earth,
There is nothing in place,
What will grow
Without you arrive,
Far from you
everything stopped,
nobody knows
What I suffered ...

To love is a Desert
And their fears,
Life is going in the saddle
of the pain
Do not know back,
Give me your heat ...

Come make me happy
Because I Love You,
You flows in me
And I ocean,
And I forget that to love
It's almost a pain ...

Only I know how to live
If it is for you!


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Friday, July 22, 2011 - 01:40

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