so the hotel I was in
didn't have a continental breakfast
so i looked for a diner
for a bagel for breakfast

so i pulled into some dive
and i just sat there

i kept me head down
i don't like looking at strangers
so i kept my head down
looking at my writings

and i didn't even notice
my head was buried in my words
but the lady walked over
and dropped the bomb

of liquid into the coffee cup
into my upturned glass

i watched this black mass
sloshing around, contained but violent
as she walked away

i don't like coffee, you see
and i could have stopped her
said no thanks

but this was my fault
as much as it was hers

so there i was
staring at this coffee
that i don't even like

so i've got this bailey's flask in my pocket
i guess that tells you something about me
if i'm going to have coffee
i'll sweeten it with anything

so my eyes dart right, then left
then right again
make sure no one's watching me
so i open the flask
under the table


slowly drizzle in the creme

i watch it form a mushroom cloud

from within that contained bomb

i try to remember where i am
where i've been

i didn't know
that on the other side of the country
you just died

i just looked at my coffee
that i don't even like
and wondered if i should drink

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