Questions Upon Questions

Where do I begin?
So many questions upon questions built up
Yet without answers
How do I come into the place of Holies?
What can I say?
What do I say?

My heart is desperate for you
In your presence is where I want to pitch my tent
Yet the affairs of this world
Keeps interrupting my pitching
My desires are to leave it all behind
Sacrificing this life that I may gain another

How do I put into words?
The story of my heart
To give a sincere and honest account without deceit
Many tears the heart sheds when an appointment with you is missed

I was a boy without a home
A child without love
With missing parents
An adopted child I became to another
Yet the story remained the same
A boy without a home
And a child without love
Still with missing parents
It had become a repetition
Whilst the heart was crying for liberty

I was left as an orphanage
Yet in the midst of my loneliness and wandering
Your love located me
It was a Friday night
Words escapes me
In trying to explain the transformation that had just occurred

During that hour, I died
And was resurrected anew
I had a heart attack that had me reawaken
I became a man translated
A man filled with love
A man with a destination called ‘home’

With the pain suffered as a child
Yet i desire to remain a child before thee
For one father gave me no choice to know him,
Another man had reservations
I was not his family
I wasn’t known by either man
And I lacked knowledge of both men
I missed on cultivating a relationship
Building of trust
That allowed room for intimate sharing

So I ask again Dear Father..
Where do I begin?
How do I come into the place of Holies?
What can I say?
What do I say?
Questions upon questions built up
Yet without answers.




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