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Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh

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imagem de bluebell

I like your stories. Me and

I like your stories. Me and my friend who goes to cosmetology schools enjoyed reading your stories.

imagem de Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh

"Aggressiveness of

"Aggressiveness of Century"

These figures fallen,

In the swamp of the infertile females

Are the men

In the land of the wine and alcohol

Who throw their sheets

On the ground

And think of sleeping with the beasts


For crave-like brains filled with coal

There is no mirror

To servant themselves.

Fields of sunflowers

Are the breaks

At the time of Motion while moving

Dawn is near


Dawn of Black coated!!

Shadows will not be waiting anymore

They will be faded

And you will be swallowed inside of them

((** Poet: Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh **))