No One Wants me to be single

No one wants me to be single

no one wants me to be single
my mother thinks of me a jigsaw
puzzle in a wedding scene
missing the man piece

my sister thinks of me
a paper doll lost without
her cutout tuxedoed groom

my little niece and her play dates
pretend that I’m bride Barbie
jilted by an evil Ken

my daughter has a nail polish fixation
I don’t know what this has to with me
but she needs this collection
of purples, metallics and glow in the dark neons
because she doesn’t have a father

I remind her that she has one

my married friends
grand unions of boredom
set me up with other one-ers
for forced dinner conversation
and cozying up when I’d rather not

You’ll die alone
my daughter predicts
waving a blue fingernail at me

at this point
that sounds like the ultimate single cruise

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