I love Rachel McAdams

Among the endless constellation of beautiful women, your brightness dwarfs them all. No one comes to your feet. You are unique! What such a power you have on me. You have no idea how much you enchant me! I confess sheepishly that I laugh and cry like a juvenile lover. I am entirely at your feet.

But I love you anyway. Even not knowing you, not knowing your tastes, your defects. If you are boring when you wake up or if you like summer instead of winter. I wish I could meet you for sharing all these ‘sillinesses’. Knowing what makes you happy or sad.

I have a feeling that you give off a rare and genuine politeness as if you wished that everyone around you feel good. This appealing combination of beauty and kindness compels everyone near to stare at you. For you are a star indeed!

You are my muse, my fantasy, my dream, my unceasing reverie. My ultimate projection of the perfect woman. No one compares to you - in beauty, talent, in waking up what I feel. I never cease to admire you, to interest in you and to think about you. You are my heaven or hell … whatever.

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