War Hero

I stood at the counter
when we had our encounter
Ordering my chowmein
he walked in begging insane
"Buy me an eggroll please"
his voice stutters in relief
The Asian woman nodded "No"
She charades to me his unpleasant odor
I answered her "one please, he'll eat and leave"
He takes a seat at the table
Speaking to me "I need a dish, I'm able"
Then he gestures with his hands saying,
"I'm not crazy"
Asking for my accompany, he amazed me
The Asian woman nodded "no"
She charades to me his unpleasant odor
by squeezing her nose and waving no
I answered "yes, he is sick, let him eat quick and then leave"
"I'm a homeless vietnam vet" he said
He was dressed down in dirt
White hair tied in knots
almost groomed with dreadlocks
beard hanging limp of soil
image of a caked icicle in a coil
ashened skin covered with grime
He is missing in action for his time
"hablo ingles y espanol" he mumbles
"Sientate con migo" he asks, in dismay
"Eat and leave quickly" I said
"yes I will" he answers back
"Can I have two dollars as a last request"
As I climb into my car now, I wonder about society
Who enlisted him to fight for this country
Did he volunteer of his own choice?
or was his opinion of no voice?
Maybe he received a medal or two
honor won't buy him a bowl of stew
Heroes come home in many ways
In caskets covered with flags
others roam the streets as strays



By. Vanessa Ramos

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 00:23

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