Copyrights, PVP and Others

What is the copyright law of the contract that I have signed with you?
As our author you will recieve 10% of all sales in both ebook and paper format.
Why 10%? It's the international copyright. It is what authors around the world receive. Even great sellers. Only in cases of authors who can sell millions may have a different contract.
Is it fair? Consider the book expenses: 30% to 40% of the book value is for the bookstores alone. 5% VAT. 6% sales tax and expenses. One must also add the IRS annual expenses, transport and above all the printer cost. 10% copyright is the maximum value possible.

When do I recieve my copyright earnings?

All authors will be paid by the publisher when their sales reach 500€ by bank transfer. These sales include both paper book sales and ebook format.
This value is reach when about 357 copies of the paper book is sold.

Why are the authors only paid their copyright when 500€ are sold?

The publisher represents almost a thousand artists at the present moment.
For this reason it is very difficult to control all sales monthly. We have authors who sell alot, but we also have authors who sell few books at a time.
Workwise, it is simpler to pay each author with this method.

In addition, and not less important, each time the publisher pays the copyright the author must pass a receipt. Tax wise it is cheaper for the author to write a receipt of the total value of 500€.

How do I know if the publisher will be honest with presenting sales?

Everything in life is based on mutual trust between people.
Our authors each have a contract that protects them.
All companies are required to work with billing programs. They are virtually impossible to tamper with. In the case of legal intervention our publisher would be obliged to show all invoices for the period from sales of the book's author.
The author can therefore rest assured in this matter.

What will be the price of my hard cover book?

Our books are 15 Euros each in Europe and $20 US Dollars in the USA.
Shipping costs and money exchange are not incluided and will be added.

Is the price of the book too expensive?

No, it is not.
Poetry is rarely a phenomenon of a thousands readers. We invest on a great quality hard cover book as one of our techniques to draw attention to our authors. Those who buy our publisher’s books will be satisfied with the overall quality and be proud to have them in their homes. Our editions are small in number therefore they are more expensive to produce. We prefer a smaller luxury edition as to a large and lesser quality one.

The truth is our books prices are very similar to most other editions you will see in bookstores all over the country. As for other hardcover books, ours are normally cheaper.

Obviously this does not include special sale prices that you may find once and awhile in your local bookstore. Also please do not compare our books to those editions made by the thousands and many times printed cheaply in third world countries. Our books are made 100% in Portugal and are paid at a fair price.

What will be the price of my ebook?

Our ebooks are just 5.99€ worldwide at our online store

Does the publisher offer its authors copies of the their own books?

No. Publishing poetry is economically difficult and must be well managed. We are willing to invest in your book, but all copies are paid for.

What will be the total number of my first edition and/or the following editions?

This varies from author to author and the final decision is always the publishers.
Such factors as the literary gender and the book’s popularity (which will be tested right here on our site by the number of views and comments on the author’s poems) will help decide how many books will be printed. Usually the first edition is always a pilot edition of 200 copies, although there are exceptions.