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16,934 the Millennium Bean and the Chicago skyline 11/10/09 ccandd96
15,439 Airplane flying over Miami 12/26/08 ccandd96
14,014 an oil painting of the moon over a house on a lake in the night sky ccandd96
13,310 an Egyptian Monument in Las Vegas ccandd96
13,175 Truck and trailer tire debris, Clarion, PA 09/05/09 ccandd96
11,799 the entrance to the Forbidden City (with a lion statue), by Tiananmen Square (Beijing, China) ccandd96
11,751 a Marble Boat on the water at the Summer Palace (Beijing, China) ccandd96
11,282 the IAC building (New York City, 09/06/09) ccandd96
11,134 a life-size replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN at night 10/28/05 ccandd96
9,946 the Temple of Vesta, in Rome ccandd96
9,892 the White Cliffs of Dover, England (with boat and silo) ccandd96
9,722 Uncle Sam at Chicago's Sears (Willis) Tower with a sign asking for National Debt money ccandd96
9,717 the Senate Square and Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland ccandd96
9,447 Shanghai (China) buildings (2) ccandd96
9,410 the front of a downed airplane in Joliet (IL) ccandd96
8,629 The Quest (Balbal-3) edgareslit
8,508 portions of the center statue of Jews escaping a concentration camp, surrounded by a wall of Jewish holocaust names, at the Miami Holocaust Memorial 12/27/08 ccandd96
8,448 Ancient artwork in Pompeii, Italy that survived the Mt. Vesuvius 79 A.D. eruption ccandd96
8,328 the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg Russia ccandd96
8,228 building steps leading into the water in Venice (Italy) ccandd96
8,020 Charles Shaughnessy (of "the Nanny" and "General Hospital") with Janet Kuypers ccandd96
7,877 Marie Laveau's Tomb in New Orleans LA ccandd96
7,380 the Quad (University of Illinois, Urbana IL) ccandd96
7,371 a musical instrument's strings (in Kent, Ohio) ccandd96
7,326 Aurora Borealis ccandd96
7,318 Columns and buildings in Pompeii, Italy that survived the Mt. Vesuvius 79 A.D. eruption ccandd96
7,178 the Bulls 1990s wall mural off I94 in Chicago ccandd96
6,774 Tomb of Ferdowsi 5 (Iran) Seyed Morteza H...
6,533 Michael Stipe (of REM) after planting a tree in Urbana IL ccandd96
6,437 Think of Nuclear Power Plants with the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, Berwick, PA 09/05/09 ccandd96
6,337 Dante's Prayer Fahredin
6,330 a Bound hand in rope ccandd96
6,257 the Iwo Jima Memorial at sunset (10/25/03) ccandd96
6,174 Chicago skyline with International building collage ccandd96
6,149 a spotlight highlighting a Jesus statue in the back courtyard of St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA ccandd96
6,060 Li Bai Poems : The Phoenix Bird Tower Li Bai
6,054 a Gondola in Venice (Italy) ccandd96
5,980 Walt Whitman - Eidolons Walt Whitman
5,869 the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall (Washington D.C.) ccandd96
5,851 Balbal edgareslit
5,845 a building in Luxembourg at night ccandd96
5,777 Walt Whitman Poems : Song of Myself Walt Whitman
5,752 Walt Whitman Biografia Walt Whitman
5,747 La Sema Fahredin
5,729 the Transamerica Building, from an alley (San Francisco, 09/13/09) ccandd96
5,514 Yell (1) ccandd96
5,391 Kosovo nature Ilire Zajmi
5,275 the Washington Mall (the pond and the Washington Monument) ccandd96
5,202 the Vatican City ccandd96