Will I have to pay anything to publish my book?
No. Publishing your book is free of charge.
Will I have to purchase books?
No. You will only be obligated to organize your own book opening. In that case you can even just order one of your books to do so. All your books that you purchase from the publisher for your book opening or any situation afterwards is seen as an investment for us. The author, by selling those same books they requested for their book opening, will recieve the money they spent on buying them.
The Ministry of Poetry is open to all countries?

Yes: we have published books by authors of different nationalities and countries.

Anyone from any part of the world can enter our initiatives.

In which languages can i be published?

Right now the "Ministry" includes books written in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

How many poems can I submit?

 As many as you would like.

We draw to your attention that the poems placed in our community and this contest will always belong to the author. However, once you place them they  will not be removed from our site.

If you are selected to be published, of the poems uploaded to our site, we will make a selection inbetween 30 to 50 poems.

Why do i have to upload my poems in worldartfriends?

As publishers, we are interested in observing the reaction of the general public towards your poems. Online we have direct access to how the public appreciates (or not) your art; simple things like views and comments helps us understand if the public enjoys your literature. It's important to understand both sides of the writter and the reader.

In no moment should you misinterpretate this. The fact that we believe important to understand the perspective of the reader does not mean there is a direct influence when choosing the books we publish. We value many factors, especially the capacity of quality literature. The public reaction helps us to make other kinds of important decisions. For exemple it is taken in consideration when deciding the number of copies a first edition may have, amoung other things.
I am already a community member and the poems I want to enter are already uploaded here. How can I submit these?

There is no need to repeat the upload of your poems. All you need to do is send us an email with you personal information, your username so we can evaluate your submission.

Can authors choose the cover of their book, fonts and other design features?

Authors can submit an image for the cover of their book. It is mandatory that they are holders of the artistic rights or have written permission by the author to do so. The image should be sent via e-mail us at the highest resolution possible and have no sort of lettering on it.
This image is always subjected to approval by the editors.

As for the layout it is always the responsibility of the publisher. Since all books are part of a collection, the font and other details are common in all books, without exception.

Before the final print all authors will have acess to the final version of their book.

Can I incluide images in my book?


How can I register my work? Where can I do so? Should I do it?

The International Copyright states that the artist work is the property of its author from the moment of conception. The protection itself is only useful when  in case of plagiarism.

Our publisher submits an official entry to the Nactional Library for the books we publish. This action itself is solid evidence. If someone plagiarizes a poem by a previously published book is a substantial proof.

However, you can and should register your work in your own country's associations.

You are not obligated to do so, but we do encourage it.

How do I know that WorldArtFriends is a legitimate site and buisness?

We are open 24/7 through our site. We are exposed to all criticism and remarks. If our intentions were not the best we would not expose ourselfs this way. Makes sense, right?
We have published about 150 different books in the past year and a half - that itself also says a lot about our work habits.
Perhaps more importantly, all our authors sign a contract with us, which protects both parties rights and obligations.