Escape My Brain Somehow

thinking is my demon
sleeplessness surrounds me

some meditate, rise above it all
live in a higher plane of existence

i wish i knew how to escape my brain
maybe then i could get a night's rest

then at times i hear the delusions
of the mentally insane

hear their existential rambling
hear their nonsensical blather

some meditate to a higher plane
some psychotically imagine it

so when i'm stuck in a corner like this
and my brain is still reeling

i wish i could just be crazy sometimes

let me talk to imaginary people
let me think i see more than everyone else

even if i imagined
that the world was out to get me

at least then i could justify
believing that i was important

but if insanity gave me demons
i still wouldn't be able to sleep

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 16:00

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