Integrals Of An Irrational Function

The image is idolized
due to the twinkly requests
of the egoist temptress
to resist a last-ditch dispatch
of an overlord underdog,
a surreal sicko psycho,
who claims to be the insolent,
indolent, decadent aristocratic
stepchild of English nobility.

But in reality
he is a coiled one-eyed phantom
python crowned
with the tasteless tin-ware sheet
of a hood ornament head dress
designed by a nine banded armadillo
on a Euclidian etch a sketch.

This leviathan Ubermensch suffers
from chronic y chromosome syndrome
and goes through the motions
of strutting across the catatonic concourse
of the world stage, (a real creep show)
on red carpet cruise control.

Proclaimed and ordained
by chariot hyacinth eulogists
and calligraphy professors
they overlook the makeshift drift
of a shadow facelift and give him
logical mathematical absolution
due to the misshapen facts caused
by the stampede of greed.

George and Martha, Jack and Jill
along with Didi and Gogo,
Grace and Will
still hold the eternal vigil
enhanced by the self contained
state of atrophy, as they achieve
the prowess of immodest emptiness.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 03:37

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