Open Innovation for Mobile and Telecom Brands

Open Innovation for Mobile and Telecom Brands

The most crucial element that contributes to a brand's Replica Watches success and longevity in today's competitive era is, streamlining the process of idea management and open innovation. In the recent past, we have seen numerous creative initiatives taken by the mobile and telecommunication brands in terms of compelliDavidng advertisements, online PR and branding campaigns and many more. The objective behind all this is to deepen their audience connect, that would result in better revenue, goodwill, positive word of mouth publicity and What Is The Best Swiss Watch solutions to business concerns.

Leading mobile giant Nokia sought help from the process of open innovation sometime back. The famous Nokia tune known as "Grand Valse" is one of the most recognized tunes in the world. However, the brand wanted to come up with a fresh version of the same. For this, Nokia launched a global crowd sourcing competition encouraging people to create a new tune to be included in their 2012 product portfolio along with the original tune. This competition witnessed the creative inputs from young composers and musicians who used instruments like pianos, ukuleles and trash cans to come up with a contemporary version of the iconic Nokia tune initially launched in 1994. A panel of judges were assigned to select the best tune that was original, expressive and was distinctly the Nokia Tune Where To Buy Replica Jaeger Lecoultre Watches in a remixed format.

Could anyone have imagined that the latest Nokia Tune that audiences listen to all over the world has been contributed by one of them? Perhaps a decade back such an initiative would have been a rare phenomenon. Today the story is diffrent. Mobile and telecom brands have realized that the audience at large is their biggest source of ideas. Even an average person having zero experience on how the telecom sector functions can come up with a revoluationary thought that can enhance an organization's productivity and brand recall value exceptionally.

Leading telecom brand Vodafone too resorted to crowdsourcing with respect to innovative uses of wireless technology, The Vodafone Americas Foundation came up with a Wireless Innovation Project in the form of an open competition, This was done to increase implementation and promote innovation associated with technology for an improved world. This competition welcomed people to share their creative ideas about putting wireless technology into action. Innovators and entrepreneurs from uncharted Fake Rolex Watches for sale territories took part in this competition contributing their visionary ideas.

Mobile and telecommunication technology is used by everyone globally. Hence, the way people experience its benefits they also witness the loopholes. According to eminent brands of this industry vertical, it is this "people" whose thoughts and viewpoints matter in enhancing the product range

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