The Stages of Love - in English and Italian (both written by the author)


by Albert Russo

Won an Honorable Mention in the 4th Annual Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards

diaphanous blue
cloven by the Eiffel Tower
in your virgin space

a veil of dust
draping my body
the sound of your breath

velo di polvere
vestendo il mio corpo
il tuo respiro

iridescent dot
sucked into a chalice
flower tongues ladybug

the moment your lips meet
you can kiss friendship goodbye
the flesh takes over

bocca a bocca
non è più amicizia
la carne vince

skin against skin
and the magic operates
till the cells rebel

the difference between
a sex maniac and a lover
body temperature

la differenza tra
maniaco ed amante

beware dear lovers
passion is a clash of wills
bound to implode

he fell in love with her,
but she looked elsewhere, smitten,
his heart a gaping wound

s’innamoro di lei
senza rendersi conto

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