Unread Symphony

Words...some get said, some get heard.
Most of the time they get misunderstood!
Only the ones how stay with us
Make a difference to the world.

We can’t understand….what the disruption
Of a truthful world would do to ourselves!
So…we lie! Make things up…
A unreasonable, unfounded word…
And human-like we say it!

Creating our own hostile safe environment.
Where we can no longer say
What was really meant to be said.
But yet! Our world stays the same…

No stains where made! Whose heart was broken?
But maybe…next time…we can take a chance.
And say the real WORD!


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Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 02:34

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Such a great poem! Beautiful and instrospective; and even talks about our human condiction...

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