Natural Selection

File #302-Black Hole
The following classified documents are the communications' log of Captain Eckoo, commander of the star navigational vessel, Legabe. The Legabe had been on a routine charting mission outside the Barato System in Sector 32.03 of the Second Quadrant. They were to install a navigational warning beacon on the rogue asteroid Æ 972. All messages were addressed to Rear Admiral Lesnon, Commander Allied Galactic Fleet, Second Quadrant (C.A.G.F. SQ) and were received from Galactic Reckoning (GR) dates 3156.15 through 3156.28.

GR. 3156.15
To: C.A.G.F. SQ

Admiral Lesnon: While setting up the warning beacon on the rogue asteroid (Æ 972), we encountered an alien object trapped in its orbit. Unknown symbols and a crude mathematical formula were found on the object’s exterior panels. SO (Science Officer) Rawind has determined the object to be the debris of a primitive alien space probe and the formula maybe a directional setting. This places the probe’s most probable point of origin in an uncharted solar system ten-(10) light-years from our present position. Due to the limited scientific equipment aboard our vessel, further analysis of the probe will have to await our return to base. We have suspended our charting run of this sector and are proceeding to investigate the solar system of the probe's origin. ETA five solar days. Will keep you advised. : END MESSAGE:

GR. 3156.22
To: C.A.G.F. SQ

Admiral Lesnon: The Legabe has entered the solar system and begun to scan for the life forms that may have produced the derelict probe. This system resembles the Aterion system in the First Quadrant. It consists of a small class "C" star orbited by multiple planets and planetoids. The two outer-most planetoids appear to be escaped satellites or large asteroids incapable of sustaining any life. The next (4) four planets we scanned are considerably larger, primarily gaseous bodies, with assorted satellites and rings of frozen dust and vapor. Sensors show no signs of intelligent life forms. We are proceeding to cross an asteroid belt that separates the outer planets from those in closer orbit to the star. Will keep you advised. : END MESSAGE:

GR. 3156.26
To: C.A.G.F. SQ

Admiral Lesnon: Our scans and sensors show increasing evidence that some species of intelligent life is present within this system. The scan of the first planet encountered on the other side of the asteroid belt shows no signs of intelligent life or that any complex life forms would be able to evolve on this desert world. However, our sensors have picked up the wreckage of various probes on the surface and we have encountered another automated vehicle in orbit of this planet. These probes all appear to be of identical origin to the one that brought us here. We have finished our study of this dusty arid world and will proceed to the next planet. Will keep you advised. : END MESSAGE:

GR. 3156.28
To: C.A.G.F. SQ

Admiral Lesnon: A breakthrough! We have what appears to be a primitive civilization developing on this planet. They evidently possess an extremely limited elementary form of space travel. SO Rawind has sent multiple sensors and scanners into orbit around the planet. Our vessel does not possess the capabilities to process and analyze the data the probes will collect on this civilization. Therefore all data obtained will be sent by instantaneous transmission for immediate study by the Academy of Sciences and the Allied Ruling Council. Rawind believes that first hand study of this life form can provide valuable scientific data. We await your orders as to whether or not contact should be made with these creatures. Please advise. : END MESSAGE:

The following message is the order received by the Legabe from the Supreme Commander Allied Galactic Fleet, GR. 3156.62.

GR. 3156.62
To: CO Star Frigate Legabe

Captain Eckoo: You are here-by ordered to cease all monitoring of this planet. Contact with life forms must be avoided. Doing so would be in direct violation of the Alliance Mandate on the non-interference in the evolution of planets. The Academy of Sciences has examined all the data received about this life form and has presented its findings to the Allied Ruling Council for a final decision. The Allied Ruling Council has reviewed the agencies' findings as follows:

-The dominant species of life possesses an intellect capable of higher function and abstract thought and shows a semblance of sentient behavior as evinced by their archaic technology; however, their evolution appears stalled or in remission and lacks the prerequisites to be labeled intelligent life. The following examples are cited:

-This species over-dependence on their technological advances has surpassed their capacity to contain or control damage to the planet. Fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons are continuously polluting the atmosphere at toxic levels. This is devastating to ground water and plant life. This is also destroying the ozone layer that provides protection from deadly ultra-violet radiation. Massive deforestation is causing the extinction of various species of plant and animal life, limits oxygen production, and raises the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Persistent dumping of solid and chemical waste into the waters is destroying the aquatic environment. It is estimated that in a short period of time, the planet's environment and ecology will be unable to adapt to the changes and damages inflicted upon it.

-Furthermore, the dominant species is tribal and war-like.
These creatures have divided themselves by differences in race, class, creed, and culture and the excessive competition for resources and primitive hierarchal dominance, breeds violence. These factors coupled with the continued presence and proliferation of primitive nuclear devices and their ability to create chemical and biological weapons raises the question of the ultimate survival of this species and the planet.

In summary, this species exhibits little or no respect for any form of life, including their own existence. It is with these factors and others found in the complete report to the council, the Academy estimates that this attempt at civilization will collapse in on itself and cause the total extinction of life on this planet in less than (2000) two thousand galactic cycles. It is the decision of the Council that for the purpose of observation, an automated monitoring station will be established within the system's asteroid belt. A quarantine of (2000) two thousand galactic cycles will be placed on this planet and the surrounding solar system for all Allied vessels. Warning buoys are to be deployed outside the system notifying passing vessels that entrance into quarantined space is dangerous due to space abnormalities and distortions created by a black hole. This is to insure outside contact and interference will not occur. Return to Allied Space and resume your tour of duty. You and your crew will be fully debriefed upon your return to base. Captain Eckoo, let nature take its course. Extinction is part of the process of natural selection. : END MESSAGE:

File #302-Black Hole is classified by orderof First Admiral Tizmin,
Supreme Commander Allied Galactic Fleet, GR.3156.94.

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