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2,127 All About You vanesitapoet
2,127 observer's love poem ccandd96
2,121 This way Atenéia
2,120 Jocelyn, holding a column and looking up ccandd96
2,119 Creer Y Crellendo-Believe and Believing vanesitapoet
2,116 Walt Whitman - As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's Woods Walt Whitman
2,113 The American Celebrity poetpete
2,113 Tribal Scream ccandd96
2,112 Estou sozinha Atenéia
2,112 in the Grand Canyon ccandd96
2,110 The Ho-Hum poetpete
2,108 Have You Ever? vanesitapoet
2,107 Joe (in a suit, with a radiator in the background) ccandd96
2,102 I want my voice to reach you Atenéia
2,102 Burnt Offerings poetpete
2,098 Reason for a Poet. ski
2,098 The dark forest Atenéia
2,097 Don't break me Atenéia
2,095 Walt Whitman Poems : Twenty Years Walt Whitman
2,093 Walt Whitman Poems : "The Rounded Catalogue Divine Complete" Walt Whitman
2,093 Napoleão Bonaparte Biografia Napoleão Bonaparte
2,091 Villain Lady-mini series vanesitapoet
2,090 Novalis Biografia Novalis
2,089 Walt Whitman - Our Old Feuillage Walt Whitman
2,088 Walt Whitman - Earth, My Likeness Walt Whitman
2,085 Walt Whitman - All Is Truth Walt Whitman
2,082 the John Hancock Building (Chicago, IL) ccandd96
2,080 a Kiss ccandd96
2,078 Window-Pain-23. ski
2,078 Too cold Atenéia
2,076 Nuvens Atenéia
2,072 Walt Whitman - Osceola Walt Whitman
2,071 Walt Whitman - Of Him I Love Day and Night Walt Whitman
2,071 Looking Down At Me vanesitapoet
2,070 Napoleón I Bonaparte Biografia Napoleão Bonaparte
2,069 Maquiavelo Biografia Maquiavel
2,068 Reflections on the Mall poetpete
2,067 a bird at Naples Pier (Naples, FL December 2004) ccandd96
2,065 Bikes poetpete
2,064 Walt Whitman Poems : Spirit Whose Work Is Done [Washington City, 1865] Walt Whitman
2,061 Walt Whitman - The Last Invocation Walt Whitman
2,060 What the Hell is She Complaining About ccandd96
2,058 The temple on the cloud Fahredin
2,058 a Lava Lizard on the Galapagos Islands (Santa Fe Island 12/24/07) ccandd96
2,056 You don't love me Atenéia
2,054 Walt Whitman Poems : A Song for Occupations Walt Whitman
2,044 Don't call me anymore Atenéia
2,043 Walt Whitman - A Glimpse Walt Whitman
2,042 Robert Browning Poems : Dubiety Robert Browning
2,042 Turpentine Fahredin