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3,585 Being alone Atenéia
3,582 Disillusion Atenéia
3,575 the Hoover Dam (NV), overlooking the water ccandd96
3,574 an American Oystercatcher on the Galapagos Islands (Punta Suarez, at Espanola Island 12/25/07) ccandd96
3,572 Bión de Esmirna Biografia Bion of Smyrna
3,572 Occupy Wall Street poetpete
3,558 When I am alone Atenéia
3,551 a "postcard corner" of the hood and front of a red MG Anniversary Edition convertible ccandd96
3,545 Nobody can choose for us Atenéia
3,544 Window-Pain-17. ski
3,542 I should be dead Atenéia
3,541 Intervention (for Russ) poetpete
3,541 Walt Whitman - O Me! O Life! Walt Whitman
3,533 Novalis Aforismos : A criança é ... Novalis
3,527 a door with no stairs in old St. Petersburg Russia building ccandd96
3,524 Walt Whitman - By the Bivouac's Fitful Flame Walt Whitman
3,524 Beasts Atenéia
3,519 Elizabeth Barrett Browning Biografia Elizabeth Barre...
3,516 Viagem pelo fantástico Atenéia
3,511 Before it Occurred to Me ccandd96
3,511 Church on Wright Street ccandd96
3,510 the base of a display fountain in Salzburg Austria ccandd96
3,502 Dyslexic Musician. ski
3,501 Canned Condolences ccandd96
3,501 O presente Atenéia
3,500 I can see an angel Atenéia
3,499 Just another day Atenéia
3,496 Li Bai Biografía Li Bai
3,491 His Name Is Charming-Continued vanesitapoet
3,488 Walt Whitman - I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes of the Organ Walt Whitman
3,483 If we are together Atenéia
3,477 dansul pe ape kalp
3,467 Walt Whitman - As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life Walt Whitman
3,466 a "Laura Palmer" styled photo of Janet Kuypers, colored in pencil ccandd96
3,466 Don't hide your tears Atenéia
3,466 A reumanização da Fera Atenéia
3,465 This way Atenéia
3,465 Adam's Consolation vanesitapoet
3,459 Gleanings of interior Man Fahredin
3,457 Situação extrema Atenéia
3,455 The American Celebrity poetpete
3,455 beautiful building in Estonia (in Tallinn, the Capitol) ccandd96
3,451 Noddy's-Garage. ski
3,447 Look for a reason Atenéia
3,435 Claire, holding Smartees ccandd96
3,435 All my fears Atenéia
3,434 For Dante Gabriel Rossetti. ski
3,433 the Sears Tower / the Willis Tower (Chicago, IL) ccandd96
3,422 The dark forest Atenéia
3,422 Too cold Atenéia