Photo Contest: Until February 20 2011. Want to have your photo as a book cover?

Starting today and until February 20 2011.



-Each member can only submit 1 Photo.

-The Photo must be an original.

-Each member must upload the submitted photo on our website.

-To enter the member must reply to this post and place the photo link here.

-The publishing rights will still belong to the author.

By submitting your entry you agree to the terms and conditions presented here.



-On February 20, 2011 a poll will be started with the entries received.

-The poll will run until February 27, 2011

-All of our members can vote.

-Each member can only vote once.

-The organization can exclude any photo that has no quality criteria.



-The first five ranked will see their photos on the cover of 5 of our books.

-The winners will receive 5 copies of the book with their photo.