She is and Always will be my Hero

When I think of my favorite song, it is Hero, by Mariah Carey.
To me, the hero inside me is my Mother, because when I feel
I am facing the world alone, she is always there.


As I have traveled this long road of life,
There is only one person in my life
Who I could really depend upon
To make me see right from wrong;
She would always make me see
The real me and for that I thank her.

She taught me that all I had to do
Was to look inside to find my true self;
I never really knew what she meant,
But as I get older . . .
I have begun to understand.

The first time I heard this song
My Mom came to my mind
Because she is my true hero;
She's been there for me through it all,
The good and the not so good times.

She always told me that
The sorrows that I felt
Would soon subside and that
True happiness would find
Its way back to my heart.

And then my hero comes along,
It was my mother all along,
She gave me strength to carry on,
Helped me cast my fears away
When I felt all hope was gone.

She said, 'Just look inside yourself And you will see a better you.'
She has always stood beside me
In everything I've had to do,
Be it right or be it wrong,
She's been there to see me through.

She tells me, search within my self
And a hero I would find;
When no one else reached out to help,
My Mom would always lend a hand
To guide me down the right path.

When that hero comes along,
I have strength to carry on,
And my fears are cast aside
Because I know I can survive
With her strength to carry me
Through life's dark and stormy sea.

So when I feel all hope is gone
I can finally see the truth
And that is that a hero lies in me,
Because you, Mom, were there to guide me through.

Lord knows my dreams have often been Hard to realize, but then
She would always to me say,
Don't let them take your dreams away,
Hold on to them oh so tight
For tomorrow always comes, in time.

You'll find a way to make your dreams come true
So as I sit here writing, Mom, I want to thank you
For all the times you have been there
To pick up the pieces of my broken spirit,
To help mend what needed mending,
And most of all for your love,
You see you are the true HERO in my life.






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