Similar Peregrinates-3

As I recall that year, one of transition in
more ways that can be imagined. It was difficult
for me to focus, the surface was all I could read.

Nature opportuned the falcon to fly my way a
third time to store an end chapter into
the library of my mental lobe. At a later
time down the road I would put two and two
together, and that road has come to pass.

On that routine morning walk intuition came
over me and it moved me to stop and look up.
Flying above from its hiding place the
falcon flew from one tree skirt to another.
As if it were a trapeze artist performing an act;
the falcon kept me amused.

The language of its presence in my life
was manifested so clear with the way
he swung back and forth
Its struggle to be known and accepted for
what it symbolised and my own personal
struggles became a part of its flight.

Its strong wings invited me to fly above
things, somewhere in the back of my mind
the thoughts were received, but I dismissed them.

I was too amazed, that this falcon appeared
again after I had forgotten its previous visits.
Three times in one year the falcon performed
an autopsy on my mental lobe, cutting away the
insecure roots with healing and restoration.

Being a symbol not only to me, this falcon is
a sign that can be looked up to and held
on to in what so ever is close to the heart,
mine of being able to focus towards the path
leading closer to my endevours in the arts.

Come to think of it some things in the past
are worth looking back and this peregrinate
experience is worth it.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 16:22

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