Villain Lady- A new chapter in her life-updated

From now on Villain Lady will be updated
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I hope you all are enjoy this mini-series.

On arrival to her destination
Villain lady made herself a cocktail
she decided on a Bloody Mary
to help her sort things out
She had to make sense of what
had occurred or gone wrong
with her plans.

Detective was just too smart
He must have known ahead of time
she thought, and planned this trap
but what was he trying to say?

She had been driving all night
taking the back roads
The old barn she was renting
was secluded and too far away
for him to know her whereabouts.

She only told the operator
it was a murder so that the
police could find the child
She never had intended to kill
but to only get his attention.

During her long absence
Villain Lady met many people
they never recognized her
although many of them had seen
her in the past, however she
concealed herself very well.

Villain Lady was always on top
of the latest news, anything
that had to do with Detective
was what she wanted from the others.

She turned on the small RCA set
to the news channel waiting to hear
any headlines of Breaking News,
the cot near the television set
was uncomfortable, she propped
herself up with her duffel bag
and waited on the news until
she finally dozed off dreaming
about two beasts in a forest.

A chase was taking place,
the two in her dream were
wearing hooded capes.

Villain Lady struggled in her dream
to get a glimpse at their faces.
It felt like she was part of the dream;
sweating profusely she fought
to stay in the dream.

The both had long dark hair,
they were growing tired
but ran as fast as they could.

Men were holding lit torches,
the two running were not afraid
of the fire, they were worried
about the hidden child.

What awakened the Lady
was sirens passing by,
she was half asleep and
half awake, when she
saw the RCA still on.

Breaking News sign  were
on the screen headlines.
The commentator was a young man.
standing if front of 21 Sunbelt lane.

Villain Lady stood up and walked
quickly towards the TV.
She turned the following as
loud as she could to listen.

The young man said " there has
been a home invasion at 21
Sunbelt Lane, she saw the
yellow ribbons blocking the
house; neighbors were outside
watching as the young man
kept talking about the home

Lady suddenly became excited,
the dream was fresh on her mind.
Suddenly, a man appeared close
to the commentator; for a second
she forgot the dream.

The commentator put the microphone
close to his mouth an asked " what do
you think happend here last night?"



By: Vanessa Ramos aka. vanesitapoet

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Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 15:27

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