What we would like to say to the children and we have no chance. Author : Rivaldo Barros
"Wisdom is the main thing; acquires the wisdom; Yes, with everything that has acquired the knowledge "(Proverbs 4-7).


Dear reader,
With unbridled competition on the labour market, where the training is a great potential to win in life, I want to take up you, through this little book, a bit of my knowledge and who knows clarify or help in making decisions or advising someone. Open your eyes to certain situations it is not a very easy task, even more when we find the truth, and we think we're doing the right thing; because for us, we are always doing the right thing, not we the luxury and not lose time to reflect before acting. When we act, that God champion for terms taken the right measure, if not ... I have heard that saying that "when the head doesn't think is the body that suffers", as it is. Really so that life. Today there is no defined methods or formulas prepared to conquer the success; There is Yes, so that if program success, how you will want to live their future, and what future you can give your dependents. Those who inherit legacy of countless values are few, those who inherit and leave even larger values to their heirs, are much less. Living well requires a simple touch of wisdom, which achieved leads us to aold smooth.
Rivaldo Barros.
Note I put some Biblical quotes to make them science, that there is a greater good teaching in wisdom, that any other book in the face of the Earth.
06-TIP/3 – SAVE YOURSELF if you can.
10 – TIP/7-ACQUIRE a PLACE to live.
11 – TIP/8-PURCHASE GOODS if possible.
13 – TIP/10-winning, help THOSE who need it.

My father, a man of great conscience, postman in the State of Pará ( Soure-Ilha do Marajó ), early my older brothers in a technical direction; the eldest and third; of these, the first agricultural school, and the second in Ciaba, to pursue a career as a merchant, a land, another seaIt was an irony, he, my father was absolutely correct to engage my brothers will be a future, a future promising that he himself did not, fortunately, still managed a postman; worked for the post office and Telegraphs; earned little, had to arrange the food supplement to our family with fishing, had a small corral on the beach of "Hunger", suggestive name, because it was taken the sustenance of several families sourenses. We were seven brothers, among the seven, while my father was alive, were the two cited above that he managed to direct; After the death, our family had a decline, my two brothers followed their lives, helped us financially as they could; I and the other newer had that in addition to studying, working in unskilled service to also help support and leave the background study. Today, my older brother, formed into Technical agricultural economist, managed to pass later in the Receita Federal's auditor, has an enormous family, helps a lot to people; the other majored first in sailor, then always studying, was soaring over today is Commander, working to Petrobrás, lives in Rio de Janeiro has a stable family and living very well, so he can help us. Other good we others without study, we were stagnant. I today, with fifty years of age, try passing readers, a simple and effective method of how to get to fifty years, with life financially bearable; rather than face the difficulties which face, depending on help from my brothers, giving excuses to my creditors and running a pro side another in despair, to be able to take food tofolks.

Sometimes, and often, we give up going to school, laziness and disinterest affect everyone, not only to you. Think that if you lose some lessons make sure over the matter, feel lost, never miss the skein, the explanations are made by the teacher are very important, if by chance you're not understanding some explanation, requesting that he repeat, or after class, discuss it and questioning on the subject that was not well understood; make sure that he (the teacher) If you will find important and need to value their interest. All matter that you know more or less, call your friends, to teach them, because only thus will dominate the area, don't forget that is teachinglearned; and while you don't study, be assured that there will be more than a thousand competitors studying. If by chance you get during the study, a job, even an internship; Don't let money corrupts it, because, when the human being begins to earn money, always leaves the study in the background. Don't let never study, that job might go, and his knowledge ever. So, don't miss the youth of his mind, where their neurons are thirsty for knowledge. Make all competitions that appear as we gain experience in these types of proof, and will be much easier to pass in that you willbe tranquility. Do some technical courses, is also an output, because any knowledge, mainly the courses directed to Informatics always is welcome, giving a touch more in your resume, differentiating them from the rest.

Experience brings us almost always and much more to do the right thing, simply because they already fail other times on certain subjects. By this is that if someone more experienced than you, speak something about some issue or subject, they heard, because this subject, at least by their experience of life, has already gone through it, or someone close to him never ignore passed;, think and reflect, take findings and save to you what you deem important, maybe not to that point, morefor the future. Around family, remember that your parents or his older brothers, always want the best for you and are silent when they fail to give a son or younger brother want; put yourself in his place, if you happen to be the father of a boy or girlwho were asking for something, and that you are not able to give, not to have financial possibility to do so, or maybe it requested, they would do well; What is the advice you give? What would you say to him of the particular subject concerned? Perhaps you were more strict, believe me.

"Tilt your ear and hears the words of the wise, and apply in your heart my science" (Proverbs 17-1)
"The child wise lightens his father, the son crazy is the sadness of his mother" (Proverbs 10-1)

3-SAVE if you can.

Spend sometimes with nonsense, never believe in tomorrow, this is a reality, humans cannot loosen expense surpéfluos, think before you buy, or at least if you ask ... "Is that really I need it". Put in the foreground their basic needs, those things that really will benefit, perhaps a clothing brand,will not be enoughto conquer anybody, what really is your achievement, behavior, their way of dealing with people, and is basically your knowledge that you will open doors. If it is to spend, spend with things that will lead you to a level above that surround him, not at the level of the seven deadly sins and Yes porchhuman dignity.
Save, not to say, live without having what you need, and Yes, you have to when you need it.

4-KNOW having friends.
Our life is not a train travel, and this journey, we meet people who climb and descend; some pass through us as if there were, others remain with us even after they descend; one bring us happiness and other sorrows, uns, bring since rising and others during the trip. It is certain that if we choose well our companies, and if we value the right people, we are rising through the Newsroom a easy way to live. There are actually friends that, despite our differences, we understand and make us see what is not realized; that will make positive difference in the time of choice, at the hour of decision, don't hide in the hours of anguish, and smile with us in time of joy. Our need for it becomes your need. Are these friends that become more difficult to find; friends just hours fartadas there are many, and we do not deliver this type of friendship; are conversations sometimes lasting for hours and hours without any advantage; It's great to have a group of friends, we must be vigilant and always weigh those who surround us, in order to distinguish them and choose, because a good friend is priceless and will help quitein our walk. A standing behind does not hurt anyone. Do not deliver to certain friendships, a living friend, requires study of behavior, once studied, checked to see if it lives up to what you want as a future, because the friendships are very important influences to be human, seen by societybecause there is one saying that. "Show me who you walk you say who you are". The family is without doubt the friend of every hour, you'll find theshoulder friend.

For children, that wasting when her father has some kind of profitable business, we go to great lengths to show others that are powerful, bear an appearance of wealth, that they want to show everyone. Has only one thing more certain that the Earth is round; that wealth must have been built by a hard work, their parents or grandparents, labored all day in enough to reach where they are, and if there is a continuity of work well done, will succumbin record time. Well as acquires a success in works that take years and years to be built, the failure is quick and sneaky, mismanagement of certain assets, and wastefulness, already took powers to the hole. For this and much more, if their parents are on this line, do not try to demonstrate to others what still is not yours, help, and you will be rewarded. Nothing gives more pride a father, who sees his son, take an interest in your business, it works more knowing that when you can no longer play their venture, will take you to the mainstay, and have a quiet old age. We already know of several stories that when the father dies, and their children trying to take care of business without knowledge of the facts, the decline is right and bitter, not only for those closest to those who depended on the business. Whatever the activity of your parents try in whatever way possible, to help them; Remember that tomorrow you will be the parent, and you need the strength and support youngof his son.

Nowadays, we see young people without a future given married, sometimes neither married, raised children in the world, without being prepared to do so. Administer a family, it is not easy work, nor for those who already have a good job stability, much more difficult is when this family does not have a secure livelihood and future warranty. Not todayguarantee safer to found a family, when both husband and wife, work, and having a job type gazetted. Stable jobs with decent income for survival, or still studying, meet someone interesting, more studious, who wants to also train and long a promising future; only thus can have both learned and give their children a future, equal, or better, which currently live.
It is very rewarding for a father or a mother can give your children what they had; This is common, and even more rewarding is knowing that your children are happy, and have gone to a soundtrack worthy. For parents, it is priceless. And this value will only be given by you when they become parents too.

7-BUY a PLACE HER to live.
If you don't think of marrying so early, and perhaps not wishing to marry, try searching a place only your, invest in a property, so that you can unlink your parents, which is independent. This step is a very important step, to gain knowledge of life; take a House, with its expenditure, more economically course will lead to you having a nightmare unless, at the time of deciding to build a family. An observation I would make, in relation to persons who could already be in this part of life; they already are in possession of his singing; never tell their peers, that place is its, say where is your father, or unclewho is traveling. Why this? Is that if you talk that is yours, for any flirtatious your thus gradually, without you realizing it, she or he will be in short steps beyond changing; take a one day, then leads another, and so on, until when realizing, already living together, and my brother, my sister, or will be late to undo that situation. Because perhaps not the ideal person you'd like to be beside her. Now if a person who you are, and that really would be the right company for your future, I see nothing wrong in fighting together (noting always touches the Tip-1 and Tip-6) giving support to otherthe Constitution ofa new family.

8-BUY SOME GOODS if possible.
Certain times, we make some investments, not to think in the future, this is part of a very large percentage of people who, by not taking values in hand, to invest in opportunities that appear, such as Land, houses, training courses etc.and spend those values that don't even know what, because the money disappears, and was not built anything positive, only leaving the dissatisfaction of seeing the balance in the account below. Here comes that question. Where you've spent all this money? The seat must be robbing me! Nothing that my brother or my sister, check what should have been done with the money, those comprinhas, those outputs, Pat us present to conquer somebody, taxis to not lose a match, motels dear, without squandering, etc. Things that don't feel when we spend, because it gives that momentary pleasure, more is only momentary, for which the future was forgotten. It's not that I want to turn people into tightwads; have the power to buy does well to the ego, is a very good buy, when we already have "bullet in the needle", that is to say, has already built a foundation for secure, so we can just enjoy the good things's life.

When we are in a phase of power go out to every corner, we see people who enjoy life, with a tremendous simplicity, and others that have and have not; the ways are quite consistent and diverging of these types of people. One note-if the tranquility serenity, common sense and charity; other, arrogance, foolishness, talking highand ignorance. Certainly the first, fought to acquire what has today are reaping the fruits that planted hard; the latter must have attained so much easier, as: inheritance, children who detonate the money acquired by parents or by the wrong side of lifethe misdemeanor. For this reason, attention should be taken to weigh these people's behaviors and observe, to be able to choose the direction to take. A standing behind does nothurt anyone. Sometimes what people demonstrate is not always what they actually are. There are apassage in the Biblein Ecclesiastes-02: That has enough goods and who was not happy and others with very few possessions, showed an enviable happiness. He was the science of what happened, after having requested to God, wisdom. Yes, he has detected why not be happy. Join many goods has many responsibilities, and strip the quiet. Few goods, quiet life, and timeto be happy.

10-winning, help THOSE who need it.
Who would not have much to be able to help those who need? Help to their relatives, provide jobs, kill some hunger, tranqüilizarem the desvalidos, guide the bewildered, advise the newer, be strong and transparent underpinning of a family, to give children an excellent study, direct them to the path of the well. If you won, bring in the victory, the experience that we can win, and you can give anyone your best contribution. And who receives it, you know that will be getting a winner. Win today in days of crisis and a lot of competition, requires wisdom, and this wisdom, isn't sold in corner and Yes in the consciousness of life of each one, in how we live our lives, and who joined during the course of it. The human being is made of dreams to be realized, many are by the way, precisely because of the lack of serenity and delivery binds to dream. If given body and soul to success, that success armará a comfortable bedto you.
"Wisdom is often more useful to other than the one that has" Ecclesiastes 9: 11.
Good luck and be happy.


O ser humano é feito de sonhos a serem realizados, muitos ficam pelo caminho, por falta justamente da serenidade e da entrega compromissa ao sonho.

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