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3,128 My heart will follow you Atenéia
3,121 Feeling blue Atenéia
3,113 Going Nowhere ccandd96
3,106 Platón Biografía Platão
3,104 A Familiar Voice vanesitapoet
3,101 Facing the Wall poetpete
3,101 Walt Whitman - How Solemn As One by One [Washington, 1865] Walt Whitman
3,091 Janet, Jumping (on a Bed) ccandd96
3,090 Aeon Flux Crawl (Dreams 12/24/05) ccandd96
3,088 a Smoke Stack and a dead tree in Wisconsin ccandd96
3,085 a Sally Hightfoot on the Galapagos Islands (Punta Cormorant, on Floreana Island 12/26/07) ccandd96
3,073 prelude poetpete
3,069 a Confucius Temple building ccandd96
3,067 Infectious Love vanesitapoet
3,062 Orvalho Atenéia
3,057 Herding A Migrating Mob of Lemmings poetpete
3,057 An Artistic Endeavour poetpete
3,055 Elizabeth Barrett Browning Biografia Elizabeth Barre...
3,054 O seu melhor Atenéia
3,054 Nobody waits for us Atenéia
3,052 Marine Iguana at the water ccandd96
3,049 Walt Whitman - Old Salt Kossabone Walt Whitman
3,048 Window-Pain-17. ski
3,042 Fresh Paint vanesitapoet
3,033 vanesitapoet vanesitapoet
3,033 Walt Whitman - Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me? Walt Whitman
3,025 Bión de Esmirna Biografia Bion of Smyrna
3,020 Novalis Aforismos : A criança é ... Novalis
3,019 Dyslexic Musician. ski
3,015 Old San Juan's fortress wall and tower at the water in Puerto Rico ccandd96
3,013 on a beach, with a shawl ccandd96
3,007 Walt Whitman - Ages and Ages Returning at Intervals Walt Whitman
3,005 Only You Spanglish Poem vanesitapoet
3,005 For Dante Gabriel Rossetti. ski
2,995 Too many words Atenéia
2,988 Situação extrema Atenéia
2,976 A little about you Atenéia
2,971 Walt Whitman - As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life Walt Whitman
2,967 Claire, holding Smartees ccandd96
2,966 A casa perto da estrada Atenéia
2,962 Torta Atenéia
2,946 Walt Whitman Poems : To a Common Prostitute Walt Whitman
2,944 Being alone Atenéia
2,943 an Elvis impersonator, performing at a wedding reception ccandd96
2,942 I should be dead Atenéia
2,941 a "Laura Palmer" styled photo of Janet Kuypers, colored in pencil ccandd96
2,939 Daydreaming In Art #6 vanesitapoet
2,937 Reflection Through Glass vanesitapoet
2,936 Light ski
2,936 Noddy's-Garage. ski