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3,785 O fantasma da velha escola - 9 Atenéia
3,779 Going Nowhere ccandd96
3,778 Origin of the fears Atenéia
3,773 I'll be here Atenéia
3,770 Janet on a Farm Road ccandd96
3,769 vanesitapoet vanesitapoet
3,767 Teu grito Atenéia
3,761 If I kissed you now Atenéia
3,760 Orvalho Atenéia
3,758 Dreaming of New York. ski
3,757 Tallinn (Estonia) buildings and a steeple ccandd96
3,755 a Cow in the pasture in Pennsylvania 05/26/08 ccandd96
3,746 an urn at an outdoor hall at the Summer Palace (Beijing, China) ccandd96
3,741 prelude poetpete
3,737 Want peace Atenéia
3,719 a Confucius Temple building ccandd96
3,717 We need to believe in something Atenéia
3,705 You don't love me Atenéia
3,703 Herding A Migrating Mob of Lemmings poetpete
3,701 Feeling blue Atenéia
3,699 Knotted Hate ccandd96
3,696 Spring is near poetpete
3,686 La sangre de los inocentes Atenéia
3,682 Facing the Wall poetpete
3,682 an old gas station on a roadside in Florida 12/27/09 ccandd96
3,681 a Confucius Temple building along the water (Shanghai, China) ccandd96
3,681 You should be dreaming Atenéia
3,676 Blue beak on a Red Footed Boobie ccandd96
3,674 National Park Water (Utah 1998) ccandd96
3,670 a Janet hand Gurnee photo ccandd96
3,666 the Gettysburg gravesite for unknown soldiers ccandd96
3,647 Carta for you-Splanglish poem series vanesitapoet
3,644 Warring Nations ccandd96
3,641 Walt Whitman - Ah Poverties, Wincings, and Sulky Retreats Walt Whitman
3,639 Paper vanesitapoet
3,632 Tribal Scream ccandd96
3,631 ancient columns, preserved in a wall, in Rome ccandd96
3,629 Walt Whitman - After the Sea-Ship Walt Whitman
3,616 An Artistic Endeavour poetpete
3,615 Flooded War Memories ccandd96
3,615 The petroglyphs of “I” Fahredin
3,613 a Mangled Tree Stump in Wyoming ccandd96
3,612 Untitled. ski
3,611 Stuck in Puppy Love vanesitapoet
3,607 a Windmill in Copenhagen ccandd96
3,604 Presenças espectrais Atenéia
3,604 Similar Peregrinates vanesitapoet
3,590 Platón Biografía Platão
3,586 John Galt (the white cat, "Johnny") on a bookshelf ccandd96
3,586 a Scar Bruise ccandd96