The Challenge of Truth

In a city, village or town,
somewhere in this world,
a child asks, how he came to be

First the answer will come from a mother.
then an answer will come from a father
The child connects with both answers
and the child is left with questions

This child begins to grow with the answers given
The child is no longer satisfied, wants more;
again will ask how all things came to be
The child will go to one parent or both
Now there is more information to think after

The child is in school now
Evolution is the subject
Science is being examined
The solar system , biology, chemistry
The child is getting confused
How can an animal turn human?
Asks the child
When life is formed by creatures of
air, water and land through
a form of reproduction

The child returns home
To ask more questions
someone has given this child
false teaching, the child will
find out for self the true answers

The child is in puberty now
and more knowledge is being fed
by all things around
The child must put two and two together
which one will this child choose,
as maturity comes into play
the original question is still there
playing on the mind, what he was learnt
and what will be accepted, some
answers by a parent and the nature
on birth in the womb,
has the child forgotten or has confusion been introduced
in all the teachings given in childhood

And then the child turns to God for answers,
religion will fall into the category
There are many ways to teach evolution

As I think about that little boy Christ born in Bethlehem,
who heard teachings from Prophets, wise men,
and scholars and lived in Nazareth, including
the questions he had when a son
and a student,
he lived as a human does,
with a mother and father, aunts and uncles,
grandparents, and cousins

He was home schooled and learned
religion out in the open
He was fed education and had questions too
Evolution was not in the teachings
What was accepted was what it was and had always been

Since the beginning of earthly times,
evolution begins a revolution in the mind,

In another era, a child had the same questions
He connected with religion,
curiosity, influences,
academic training
and the answers told
to him by a parent or two

The theory of evolution was the seed
placed by Darwin,and the original
came in what was instilled from birth
and the search for the truth,
in childhood journeys,
not excluding acceptance
of his own opinions as he matured
into an adult and perhaps
the desire to be known

Somewhere as clocks tick on,
a child wants to know the truth
and the challenge will be to
those who will plant the true seed

By. Vanessa Ramos


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 21:37

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