12 o'clock, Album Heaven & Hell (Best video ever seen) (Vangelis)

This video is a special tribute to the the magical maestro "VANGELIS"  the most inteligent music composer and producer of the electronic music world history ever.
This track is one of all time my favorites and i decide to make a special videoclip to that.
I've decide to cut and mix it together some of "Jesus of Nazareth" classic movie scenes and give it
a touch of synchronization with this marvilous song and a touch of old movie effects.
I hope you like it because i really made this with all of my heart and senses on it
If the master VANGELIS see this work please give me a word about it, please, is very important to me to know it, and a pleasure too.
From PORTUGAL with love to the world and music.

MUSIC: Vangelis - 12 o'clock (1975 Heaven and Hell album)
VIDEO: Luis Moreira (from Setúbal - Portugal)
SCENES: Jesus of Nazareth (1977 Franco Zeffirelli)

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Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 00:32

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