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Look for a reason

Perhaps our life hasn't 
been what we had dreamed.
Perhaps the people close...

2.899 Wed,05-Aug-2015
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I want to fight

I can't bear standing here,
something must be done.
I want to do what I can,...

2.265 Sun,21-Jun-2015
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You can't help me

If you don't know what I need,
you must know you can't help me.
Nobody can...

2.078 Sun,21-Jun-2015
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How you feel inside

I can't speak the right words
to make you feel better
if I don't really know...

2.015 Sun,21-Jun-2015
Maria Letra
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Let us sing in a very loud voice,

3.694 Sat,01-Dec-2012
Jose Vidas
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Like Eva and Adam

Your tears are my tears,
Your smille it's my smille,
I feel what you feel,...

898 Thu,04-Oct-2012
Jose Vidas
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Like Eva and Adam

Your tears are my tears,
Your smille it's my smille.
I feel what you feel

934 Wed,03-Oct-2012
Rui Lima
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day little pleasures

flowing down the moon shadow
collecting waves appon the stream
raising through the...

2.583 Wed,30-Nov-2011
suellen cibele
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como transmitir s o que sinto por ti
 o come...

1.927 Fri,23-Sep-2011
Rui Lima
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calm face of poetry


passing the time

facing moment of shine

glorify every...

2.604 Tue,20-Sep-2011
Rui Lima
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rise to the occasion

remember the face of glory

an mishmash of a broken story

the strive of a new...

3.412 Tue,20-Sep-2011
Rui Lima
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grave desire

of mimic thoughts

length, pace

arbor in a mind a...

2.520 Tue,20-Sep-2011
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Listen To The Silence

Listen to the silence,
And let it speaks quietly to your soul.
Listen to the...

1.429 Wed,03-Aug-2011
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I know what you did

I know you girl,
I know what you did,
You saw me there
You stalked me...

993 Sun,29-May-2011
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Secure (Love Song)

Hold me like you would a babe newly
Put your arms around my waste
Show me I...

2.189 Mon,02-May-2011
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The girl and the boy

Versus 1:
Once upon a time,
Was a little girl
That don’t have time...

2.529 Sat,19-Mar-2011
Rui Lima
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See the light
The end off a tunnel
See the stars in the sky's

2.488 Wed,16-Mar-2011

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