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Illuminates my heart

I escaped from me
I let my dreams and thoughts
And escaped from me
I took...

819 Sun,09-Oct-2011
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I'm drowning in this curse

Dead and gone
I  was
left alone
in this
state of mind

796 Mon,26-Sep-2011
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Keep walking

It’s so easy to say that is the right way
It’s so easy to say live from day...

854 Sat,27-Aug-2011
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Dream With Me

I see a new world.
A world of peace and joy.
Where peoples are loved

769 Wed,03-Aug-2011
Claramusician's picture
I Am

I Am

I am a spring’s morning light
I am the breeze that makes you dance...

513 Wed,03-Aug-2011
DanielOniGuerreiro's picture
Me, The Sun Or The Road?

The Sun,
Or The Road?

Am I the one who lightens some other's...

513 Thu,28-Jul-2011
poetpete's picture

Without art
in the world,
life on eart...

1.635 Thu,28-Jul-2011
DanielOniGuerreiro's picture
Death's Apprentice

Up there in the sky,
Right behind a cloud,
There's where an angel cry...

670 Wed,27-Jul-2011
DanielOniGuerreiro's picture
Nature, My Pure Eternal Love

Standing outside
Waiting for you to come.
Here I am,
Here alone.

645 Wed,27-Jul-2011
Peg's picture
All the memories of other times

What to say
What to say
What words can I say to you?

It’s so hard...

788 Wed,27-Jul-2011
Peg's picture
Missing inspirations

Hey mister postman
I’ve been waiting for you
Do you have something for me...

716 Wed,27-Jul-2011
kalp's picture
A splash of dark as a love (prosaic poem)

To sleep peacefully!
It is a profound statement, but with a body of an angel, the...

1.268 Tue,26-Jul-2011
normajaybertrand's picture
me! writtened by norma jay bertrand the writer 4386

my skin is old and tattered like leather

and dust;these days...

515 Fri,22-Jul-2011
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Forever is a long time i lost my self in the way

I want to know
how I should know
I’m thinking out loud
so how it...

888 Wed,13-Jul-2011
poetpete's picture
Patchwork (Aids Day)

In the park,
       a quilt of cloth,
a blanket of...

1.239 Sun,10-Jul-2011
Rui Lima
Rui Lima's picture
what thruth? what future?

Everyone as is on truth... and the people, with...

2.366 Sun,03-Jul-2011
poetpete's picture
A Wednesday in March

My mom asked me to stay for dinner,
“We’re having baked macaroni and cheese...

1.010 Wed,22-Jun-2011

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